pass lid close event from guest to host

Matei David matei at
Thu Sep 22 04:14:24 BST 2016


I have a question which I believe is KDE-related, though there is a
chance I'm wrong. Perhaps somebody will know more about this.

I'm using VirtualBox 5.1 (latest) with a Linux host & guest, both
Kubuntu 16.04.1, both updated to Plasma 5.6 through backports. I've set
up the host to lock the screen on lid close through the usual GUI
(System Settings / Power Management / ...). This works, except for
when the guest is running in full screen. Then, if I close the lid, the
host doesn't lock. (I don't care about locking the guest!)

Using acpi_listen on the host, I can still see the "button/lid LID
close" event, even with the guest in full screen, but whatever is
responsible for locking the host screen (dbus??) doesn't react to that
event. The fact that I see the acpi event on the host leads me to
believe this is not a VirtualBox problem.

Is there some way to fix this in KDE? Right now the hack I have in
place is a custom script triggered through /etc/acpi/events . The
problem with doing it this way is that in certain situations the
session is locked twice, because the systems are independent of each

If this is not the right place to ask this question, please do suggest


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