pass lid close event from guest to host

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Sep 22 09:17:10 BST 2016

On Wednesday September 21 2016 23:14:24 Matei David wrote:

>responsible for locking the host screen (dbus??) doesn't react to that
>event. The fact that I see the acpi event on the host leads me to
>believe this is not a VirtualBox problem.

I'm tempted to think that it *is* a VirtualBox issue: in fullscreen mode it tries to behave as much as possible as if you're not working on a VM guest. It doesn't surprise me that it tries to catch power-related events too. I'd suggest you ask on Oracle's VirtualBox forum if there's a way around (like a setting to let the host handle these events) and if not, file a ticket with a request.

>Is there some way to fix this in KDE? Right now the hack I have in
>place is a custom script triggered through /etc/acpi/events . The
>problem with doing it this way is that in certain situations the
>session is locked twice, because the systems are independent of each

Can you just tell VirtualBox to drop out of fullscreen mode and then let the host continue processing as usual?

Personally I usually do this manually and then pause the guest before I suspend the host. Enough happens on wake-from-suspend that things usually go smoother if there isn't also a VM guest (which typically has a huge memory footprint) that tries to do those same things at the same time.


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