controlling location of trash on per-filesystem basis?

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Fri May 13 06:04:42 BST 2016

René J.V. Bertin posted on Thu, 12 May 2016 16:08:43 +0200 as excerpted:

> On Thursday May 12 2016 07:55:18 D. R. Evans wrote:
> Giving mere users write-access to the root seems a bad idea to me, but
> well, YMMV ...

Note that we're not necessarily talking / itself here, but for instance 
something like /home/usera, where that directory is itself a mountpoint 
(suppose you have usera and userb, each with their own separate 
filesystems mounted at /home/usera and /home/userb).

Or to use a setup I use myself as an example, while most of my system is 
on SSD, I still use a spinning rust drive, or actually a partition on 
that spinning rust drive, for my media.  I mount it at /mm (multimedia).  
I obviously want my normal user to be able to write to it, which in the 
simplest config would have /mm filesystem root dir (aka mounted mount-
point) permissions set to owned and writable by my normal user.

However, instead of having /mm itself owned and writable by that user, 
we'll call them usera, I can create /mm/usera (and for another user
/mm/usrb if desired), and have that owned and writable by usera instead, 
with the /mm filesystem root actually owned and only writable by root.

That's what I was suggesting.  But (assuming he understood my suggestion 
in the first place) DRE says that's not a working alternative for him.

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