controlling location of trash on per-filesystem basis?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu May 12 15:08:43 BST 2016

On Thursday May 12 2016 07:55:18 D. R. Evans wrote:

Giving mere users write-access to the root seems a bad idea to me, but well, YMMV ...

>(Indeed, there must be a way to say "don't use Trash at all on filesystem
><xxx>", but I can't find a way to do that either.)

You could try creating a write (and read) protected *file* called .Trash in the root of those filesystems. I don't really see another way to implement such a feature that doesn't involve maintaining a potentially long list of concerned filesystems. You could use a specific entry inside a .Trash folder that means "don't use this .Trash", but there's always the risk that someone bins a file of their own that has the same name ...

For the obligatory anecote: Apollo/DomainOS had a very nifty feature that would be perfect here: dynamic symlinks. In your case you'd just do

%> ln -s \$HOME/.Trash /mnt/filesystem/.Trash

(yes, that'd env. var expansion during symlink resolution, not creation)


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