controlling location of trash on per-filesystem basis?

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Fri May 13 09:19:56 BST 2016

On Friday May 13 2016 05:04:42 Duncan wrote:

>Note that we're not necessarily talking / itself here, but for instance 

Right. Of course. Guilty as charged myself too (though in my case that's on OS X where this kind of device is usually mounted without support for ownership, which avoids the whole issue).

>That's what I was suggesting.  But (assuming he understood my suggestion 
>in the first place) DRE says that's not a working alternative for him.

Yeah, I got that, but I don't think I got (or recall) why exactly. I don't have time to dig out and go back through the thread, but if it's somehow related to removable devices that are shared among users, maybe the "user" mount option is a solution? 

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