Build kdm in KDE 5 environment

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Jul 28 22:18:54 BST 2016

On Wednesday July 27 2016 13:14:03 Christoph Pleger wrote:


It might be more efficient to post the terminal output from CMake.

The easiest way to build only KDM would be
- run cmake on the toplevel CMakeLists.txt
- chdir into the kdm's build dir (e.g. kde-workspace/build/kdm) and call make.

> as none of the current display managers offers all features I'd like to
> have (but kdm does),

Hear hear ... (and I don't even use all KDM's features)
Sddm is probably the silliest looking login manager I've ever seen.

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