Build kdm in KDE 5 environment

Christoph Pleger Christoph.Pleger at
Wed Jul 27 12:14:03 BST 2016


as none of the current display managers offers all features I'd like to
have (but kdm does), I tried to build kde-workspace 4.11.14 in Ubuntu
16.04 . But though kdm 4.11.11 package from Ubuntu 14.04 can be installed
in 16.04, I got build errors. Then, I just took the kde-workpsace 4.11.11
package sources from Ubuntu 14.04 and did two small changes: Removed
nepomuk-core (not available in Ubuntu 16.04) dependency in debian/control
and CMakeLists.txt, and changed libboost-version to 1.58 in
debian/control. But that gave the same errors as with kde-workspace
4.11.14 .

I attached the CMake logfiles. Unfortunately, I could not find in them why
configure could not be completed. They say that some features could not be
found, but I found only optional features that are missing.

Can anybody help me in building kde-workspace in my environment? Or
better, give me hints how to build only kdm and the things it depends on?

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