kwin (4.11.12) idle CPU usage

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Jan 27 09:16:47 GMT 2016

On Wednesday January 27 2016 06:54:11 Duncan wrote:

>But the option applies to the entire desktop, turning compositing off for 

Right. Not an option for me either.

> So if any window, in your case Chrome's, claims to have new content, then
> the
> compositor will get notified. If it is a window that is currently visible,
> then the compositor will have to update the screen content accordingly.

- according to the show paint effect there is no new content (not even a single pixel as far as I could see)
- I have no effects active that act on window content unless I'm moving a window, or set its opacity to less than 100%. I have a hard time imagining that a simple activation leading to the "conclusion" that nothing needs to be done would cause kwin to show up like it does.

Window content changes shouldn't cause updates of the window shadows, right?

Did I already mention that the CPU load continues when I minimise all of Google Chrome's windows (with thumbnail generation off, and invisible windows filtered out of the app switcher)? 

Anyway, I decided to give kwin_gles another go. It used to be instable for me in the past so we'll see, but it appears not to be affected when I have GChrome running.

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