KDE4 digital clock font color

Istvan Gabor suseuser04 at freemail.hu
Thu Nov 19 10:49:05 GMT 2015

Duncan írta:
>Istvan Gabor posted on Tue, 17 Nov 2015 15:09:38 +0100 as excerpted:
>> huw írta:
>>>On Thursday 12 Nov 2015 22:55:22 Istvan Gabor wrote:
>>>> My question applies to KDE 4.11.5 (openSUSE 13.1).
>>>> I would like to change digital clock color font from gray to black.
>>>> Digital clock setting offers a "Custom font color" option which I set
>>>> to black (000000), but the setting is not applied to the font color,
>>>> it remains the same gray. How can I change the color of clock font?
>>>It works just fine here, on KDE 4.14.2 Linux Mint.  Are you also ticking
>>>the checkbox where it says "custom font colour"?  I just tested this,
>>>and it seems the colour you select has no effect unless you also tick
>>>the box.
>> Sorry for the late answer. I had to look into this. The color of the
>> clock font changes but not the the value it is set to. For example if I
>> set the font color to absolute black r/g/b=0/0/0 values the font color
>> will be 72/72/72, not absolute black but dark gray. If I set the font
>> color to blue r/g/b=0/0/255 the font color will be 71/71/253, lighter
>> blue. I took screenshots of the clock and determined the font color by
>> using GIMP color picker.
>> Is there a way to fix this?

Duncan, thanks for your answer.

>That sounds like the color is being modified by your theme.  Without 
>looking into the specifics of this case further, I can say that kde's 
>color management isn't always intuitive, as often the colors set are 
>modified by some other color or transparency setting in the color theme.  
>Also, note that there's two (almost) entirely independent color themes at 
>work in kde, the plasma color/theme (which I'd guess is at work here, 
>assuming you mean the digital clock plasmoid), which applies to panels 
>and desktop activities and the plasmoids/widgets contained within them, 
>and the general kde color settings, which apply to the windows of various 
>kde, etc, apps that appear on top of the desktop.

I also think that the theme modifies the font color of the clock. I also think it should not do it.
How can you predict the result if it depends on two different things set up differently/separatley.. This is a bad design.

I looked into how to change panel color, transparency, opacity etc. and it seems you have to change a panel-backgrund.svgz file. It is not obvious how to edit this file, and I could not find any description on the structure of the file or how to modify or write one. I would appreciate if you could point me to a manual, tutorial.

Once KDE was about customizability. Taking away the option for easy setup of the panel is against KDE principles. Showing gray fonts on somewhat lighter gray background is counterproductive.



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