KDE4 digital clock font color

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Nov 18 01:08:15 GMT 2015

Istvan Gabor posted on Tue, 17 Nov 2015 15:09:38 +0100 as excerpted:

> huw írta:
>>On Thursday 12 Nov 2015 22:55:22 Istvan Gabor wrote:
>>> My question applies to KDE 4.11.5 (openSUSE 13.1).
>>> I would like to change digital clock color font from gray to black.
>>> Digital clock setting offers a "Custom font color" option which I set
>>> to black (000000), but the setting is not applied to the font color,
>>> it remains the same gray. How can I change the color of clock font?
>>It works just fine here, on KDE 4.14.2 Linux Mint.  Are you also ticking
>>the checkbox where it says "custom font colour"?  I just tested this,
>>and it seems the colour you select has no effect unless you also tick
>>the box.
> Sorry for the late answer. I had to look into this. The color of the
> clock font changes but not the the value it is set to. For example if I
> set the font color to absolute black r/g/b=0/0/0 values the font color
> will be 72/72/72, not absolute black but dark gray. If I set the font
> color to blue r/g/b=0/0/255 the font color will be 71/71/253, lighter
> blue. I took screenshots of the clock and determined the font color by
> using GIMP color picker.
> Is there a way to fix this?

That sounds like the color is being modified by your theme.  Without 
looking into the specifics of this case further, I can say that kde's 
color management isn't always intuitive, as often the colors set are 
modified by some other color or transparency setting in the color theme.  
Also, note that there's two (almost) entirely independent color themes at 
work in kde, the plasma color/theme (which I'd guess is at work here, 
assuming you mean the digital clock plasmoid), which applies to panels 
and desktop activities and the plasmoids/widgets contained within them, 
and the general kde color settings, which apply to the windows of various 
kde, etc, apps that appear on top of the desktop.

In kde system settings, window colors, etc, are set under common 
appearance and behavior, application appearance, colors.  The degree of 
control here is pretty fine, altho understanding how color sets (view, 
window, button, etc) vs. color roles (normal, active, inactive, etc) 
interact can take some time.  Back when kde4 first came out I actually 
worked with the kde dev working on this control panel applet for awhile, 
to try to make things a bit easier to understand.  The result can be seen 
in the help text for this section.  It's still not simple as the 
interactions themselves are rather complex, but it at least makes some 
sense, once you read and understand the help.

Plasma's settings are under workspace appearance and behavior, workspace 
appearance, desktop theme, and can normally only be set as a theme, not 
as specific colors within the theme, at least not without actually text-
editing the files containing the theme settings themselves.  Tho you 
/can/ choose specific themes for specific elements, on the details tab.

If I'm correct and what you're seeing is modified by the plasma/workspace 
theme, try changing themes, as some of them are darker/lighter, more or 
less transparent/opaque, have more or less "glow" applied, etc.

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