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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Nov 19 11:51:49 GMT 2015

Istvan Gabor posted on Thu, 19 Nov 2015 11:49:05 +0100 as excerpted:

> I looked into how to change panel color, transparency, opacity etc. and
> it seems you have to change a panel-backgrund.svgz file. It is not
> obvious how to edit this file, and I could not find any description on
> the structure of the file or how to modify or write one. I would
> appreciate if you could point me to a manual, tutorial.

svgz, almost certainly gzip compressed svg


svg is scalable vector graphics and is all the rave now days, in part 
because unlike bitmaps (aka raster-graphics), vector-graphics naturally 
scales to different resolutions because it's not pixel-specific but 
rather vectors (more or less, draw a line from N percentage from the left 
edge and M percentage from the top edge, at A angle, L percentage length).

svg is stored in XML format and thus is (to a limited extent) plain-text-
editor editable, as long as you're careful not to destroy the XML 
formatting.  But larger scale image composition and editing is typically 
done with a vector graphics editor.  Inkscape is the most widely known 
freedomware vector graphics editor.

Being xml-text-based, svgs generally compress quite well, and the z 
extension suffix indicates this one is gzip-compressed.

So for light tweaking, you should be able to make a backup copy of the 
file just in case, then gunzip your working copy, edit it in your 
favorite text editor, save, and gzip it back up.  Of course if you have 
inkscape or the like already installed, you can use it, but I'm guessing 
if you did you'd know about svg, so you probably don't. And for a quick 
tweak, the text editor will likely work just as well, without the hassle 
of having to do a whole big inkscape install just for a trivial edit.

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