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Hussam Al-Tayeb composed on 2015-08-20 21:27 (UTC+0300):

> On Thu, 2015-08-20 at 13:10 -0500, J. Leslie Turriff wrote:

>> John Layt wrote:

>>> J. Leslie Turriff wrote:

>>>>         Another of the many good reasons to stay on KDE3.

>>> Now that is just trolling :-)

>> 	True.  I'm still really unhappy about the KDE4 upgrade fiasco
>> and the lost 
>> functionality that still plagues KDE beyond KDE3.

> what functionality did KDE4 miss?

At what point in time? It took years to get only most of it back, only to
have KDE4 go into feature freeze/out of support with only a very buggy v5 to
take its place.

> Things improved heavily throughout KDE4 lifecycle

But it took a long time to get v4 nearly to the same quality of v3, well
beyond .3 and .4, beyond .8, and beyond. Meanwhile, many of those dependent
on what was missing. and who were able to, needed to stick with or revert to
v3 or switch to TDE.

> I found KDE4 by 4.14.xx (with the patched akonadi) to be as perfect as
> a desktop can be (It ranked up there with XPSP3).

Some v3 feature loss and original v4 bugs yet remain open, or got wontfixed:

While others make migration to v5 painful to varying degrees individually,
more seriously collectively:

This 24/7 system is running KDE3. Only my far less used installations run v4,
and v5 here gets similarly little.
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