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Thu Aug 20 14:00:50 BST 2015

On Thursday, 2015-08-20, 08:32:57, Alex Barry wrote:
> I do agree that it's a non-issue, but from another perspective, linux is
> notorious for version compatibility issues on a large-ish scale, so it
> makes the concept of version numbers to be a little scary, especially for
> non-developers.

I am not sure that is a contributing factor.
On Linux one traditionally cares even less about version numbers, because the 
distributor chooses which version to package.

Also, if we take applications with different versions from another vendor, 
I've not heard anyone being scared, little or otherwise, of Firefox and 
Thunderbird having different version numbers.

> That's not to say that the Phoronix post is right or wrong, but maybe the
> KDE dev team needs to have a friendlier way to describe why some version
> numbers bump?  Looking at large changelog-style lists isn't always the best
> reading material, and maybe that's the scarier part for end-users.  They
> just want to know if they update if that will break everything they have
> set up, or if it's worth upgrading to get feature x.

A new release gets a new version number.
Is there any software vendor, commercial or community, who keeps the same 
version number when doing a new release?

If the changelog for the application bundle is to big, then releasing each 
application independently would help, but apparently different versions for 
different things are even more scary.

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