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Thu Aug 20 14:47:30 BST 2015

On Thursday 20 Aug 2015 14:06:34 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Thursday, 2015-08-20, 10:37:59, ianseeks wrote:
> >
> > 
> > >> "Ahead of the Plasma 5.4 release later this month and after last week's
> > >> KDE
> > >> Frameworks 5.13 release is KDE Applications 15.08."
> > >> 
> > >> How am I supposed to keep track of these things?!
> > 
> > Thats a lot of numbers to keep your eye on when reading about KDE
> From my point of view these kind of comments are very close to troll
> territory.

I don't see it as that. I just thought it was an interesting take on what 
someone was reading and how they saw it.

Its just the version numbering has a chance of getting out of hand and not 
being linked to each other.  E.g. does the "5" in plasma 5.4 relate to the "5" 
in Frameworks 5.13?  If so, what does the KDE-Applications-15.08 relate to 
regarding Frameworks etc.  

Would it be an idea to prefix all sub projects of KDE with a unified number 
relating to the framework it depends on so as an example, KDE 5 is made up of 
Plasma 5.5.4., Frameworks 5.13, KDE Applications 5.15.08.  This will make it 
easier for us outside the development world to see a link between the sub 

> So there is one version for KDE's desktop product and one version for *all*
> application products.
> How do users of vendors cope who do not release all their applications in
> one go?

> How, for example, do users of Microsoft Office cope with the "problem" that
> Windows has a different version number than Office?
> Are they in panic when Skype does not share the version of one of these two?
> Are they close to dispair when .Net or Visual Studio bring in even more
> version numbers to the mix?
> Assuming they cope just fine, only keeping track of versions of products
> they themselves use, why would users of KDE software be incapable of doing
> the same?
> For sure users of KDE software have the same intelectual capacity as users
> of Microsoft software, do they not?
> Cheers,
> Kevin


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