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john newsgrp1 at
Sat May 31 03:25:30 BST 2014

Good morning Bernhardt,

On Fri, 30 May 2014 21:57:25 Bernhard R. Fischer wrote:
> Since more than 10 years I working kmail now but with every release it seems 
> to degrade instead of improve :(
> The email search does not work. I searched through Google for hours now but 
> found just others having problems but no solutions.
> Since there seem to be no log files I cannot debug it myself.
> If a try to search in a local folder it says
> Nepomuk cannot make search. Errors found: 
> All folders selected are empty or were not indexed.
> If go to Folder properties->maintenance it says "still not indexed". If a 
> press "force reindexing" simply nothing happens.
> If I go to the Nepomuk Server Configuration, PIM indexer is enabled, it says 
> "ready to index data (0%)"
> Any ideas?

There were recent changes to the search processes in KDE desktop in the move to KDE 4.13.
This item in the forums  may be of help:

My system took a bit of time to resolve, but searching is now OK.

Hope this os if some help.




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