How to get a bigger icon in the application switcher

Frank Steinmetzger Warp_7 at
Fri May 2 13:54:30 BST 2014

On Fri, May 02, 2014 at 02:44:41AM +0000, Duncan wrote:
> Frank Steinmetzger posted on Thu, 01 May 2014 13:53:21 +0200 as excerpted:
> >> […] But I did experiment a bit with the large-icons switcher, and
> >> have a large aurora icon here. (I have the bindist flag on so get
> >> the generic aurora name and icons, not the firefox branding.)
> > 
> > Aurora is the not-yet-published beta, innit? I suppose then you’re using
> > an out-of-tree ebuild, because it’s not in portage and you’re speaking
> > of use flags.
> In terms of firefox upstream, mozilla, yes, aurora is beta (or is it 
> alpha?, it's pre-release, anyway).
> But that's not what aurora is in gentoo.  In gentoo, it has to do with 
> the bindist flag, since for trademark protection reasons, mozilla does 
> not allow distributors to call patched versions firefox, unless they get 
> official mozilla pre-approval for their patches.

Now I see what I did wrong in thinking – I’m using the precompiled
version, not the source version. And that one doesn’t have the bindist

> […]
> <grumble -- not directed at you> People wonder why my posts are so long.  
> It's because almost invariably whenever I try to be brief, I end up 
> posting the long explanation I had omitted in the original post in the 
> interest of brevity, anyway!

Hm... funnily enough, even though you are aware of the length of your
posts, your next three paragraphs about why *you* use either version of
Fx have nothing to do with *this* topic or mail which was only about the
*meaning* of “Aurora” and its appearance in portage. So semantically,
they *could* have been omitted. ;-)

> So for the most part I've given up trying to be brief.  If people
> don't like my style they always have the right to killfile me!
> </grumble>

Well, sometimes you might have valuable information in them, but those
are buried under half a dozen paragraphs for which people have no time
if they’re catching up un hundreds of messages from various mailing
Why not do a short and to-the-point answer first and then, following
current Intertubes style, write "TL;DR" and the rest below that. But
let’s not speak of it anymore in this thread, it’s already off-topic as
it is.
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