How to get a bigger icon in the application switcher

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Fri May 2 04:11:50 BST 2014

Frank Steinmetzger posted on Thu, 01 May 2014 13:53:21 +0200 as excerpted:

> Well as I said, I compared the package contents and the arch [firefox]
> package just installed more icons (not only until 128×128, as Gentoo
> does these days).
> I might have to look at it again.

If you do, since you have the arch package available, what I'd try first 
is simply copying the full set of arch icons to the gentoo side, and see 
if that fixes the problem.

Probably the easiest way to do that would be to move the entire hicolor 
tree elsewhere temporarily, and copy the arch hicolor tree into its 
place.  That's basically what I did with my testing, except I just moved 
the hicolor tree out of the way, so kwin would have to revert to the 
pixmap version.

Then as I said restart kwin and firefox, and see if you get the bigger 

Of course you could do the reverse in arch as well, just to confirm 

The other thing you could try, since I confirmed that the aurora branding 
icons show up as large for me on gentoo here, would be either rebuilding 
firefox with the bindist flag set to get them, or simply copying the 
approriate aurora icon files from the firefox sources tarball over top of 
the existing firefox branding versions in your current install (thus 
avoiding the long rebuild, FWIW firefox takes so long to rebuild in part 
because it ships and thus must build its own versions of some 
libraries... so it's not just firefox that it's building!).  If replacing 
the firefox branding icons with the aurora icons gives you the large 
icon, then you know it's in the shipped icons.  If it doesn't, since I 
confirmed aurora branding gives me large icons here, there must be 
something else strange going on with your gentoo install.

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