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Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Mar 9 17:13:32 GMT 2014

Kevin Krammer posted on Sun, 09 Mar 2014 14:58:55 +0100 as excerpted:

>> Unfortunately, it seems kde is about to lose him to xfce over this
>> entire thing.
> While I have never understood the need to switch desktops when switching
> a single application nor switching all applications when switching
> desktops, I am not so sure it is unfortunate.
> Given these recent articles I much rather have him write fundamentally
> wrong stuff about XFCE ;-)


As for switching all over one, it seems to me more like a case of the 
straw that broke the camel's back.  Yes, some of it's inaccurate, but you 
(or perhaps I should say I) can't really blame him for coming to those 
conclusions given the evidence presented.  If I had to take semantic-
desktop because I was on a binary distro that didn't give me the chance 
of turning it off at build-time, I'd probably be on to some other desktop 
by now as well.

Actually, as I've posted before, gentoo/kde /did/ try to do away with the 
semantic-desktop USE flag and force it on, arguing that runtime turn-off 
was enough for 4.11, despite upstream's continuing to offer the option.  
Fortunately they reversed course, but meanwhile, I was carrying the 
necessary patches to keep kde building without semantic-desktop on my own.

And there were a number of us considering a gentoo-user level kde overlay-
repo, either continuing the option or simply hard-coding it off, since 
gentoo/kde was hard-coding it on and people who wanted that could just 
stick with the main repo.

But I didn't know how that was going to turn out, and wasn't sure I was 
going to be able to keep up the patching on my own, longer term, so 
before gentoo/kde reversed course, I was beginning to examine the various 
options, myself.  The three DEs on my short-list were razor-qt, xfce, and 
enlightenment.  Being qt-based also, razor-qt would have been the 
smallest change, but I think once I decided to change I'd have not found 
it satisfactory.  I /suspect/ I'd have ended up on enlightenment, but I'd 
have given xfce a try as well, so as to have experience with both.

But ironically, as I've dropped down to lower levels of kde installed and 
in particular no longer depend on a kde mail or web client, both the time 
to build updates and my level of risk exposure from running live code 
have gone down dramatically, so that I first started running the pre-
release, then switched to live-minor-head (4.12-branch-head) and finally 
to live-major-head (kde4-live).  One of these days I'll probably switch 
to frameworks/5, but I don't see enough apps there to make it worth the 
trouble just yet.  That's been fun, and I've not regretted it yet! =:^)

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