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Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Sun Mar 9 13:58:55 GMT 2014

On Sunday, 2014-03-09, 13:29:58, Duncan wrote:

> the same problems and do seem to provide some benefit.  In hindsight, I
> don't know whether they'd try the kmail integration again and just give
> it LOTS longer, or avoid that, given all the problems it has caused.

My money would be on a newly developed mail client.

> quite well.  The mail side of it is IMAP based, and from what I've read
> the particular style of IMAP it uses is the /one/ form of mail connection
> that akonadi is actually rock-stable on/with.

POP3 also works nicely. Using 2 such account (GMX and GMail), the first one 
being my primary mailinglist receiver.

> For another completely independent take on that particular angle of the
> problem, it's worth looking at the recent series of LXer articles on what
> to do about kmail, from a guy who has been on an opensuse LTS release
> that still had kmail1, that's about to go out of support, so he's looking
> at what to do now that he's about to lose his kmail1 support and yet
> finds kmail2 totally unsuited to his needs.

I've read those articles and they are unfortunately riddled with inaccuracies 
and conclusions based on these inaccuracies.
Which kind of makes them less then ideal to read for anyone wanting to get an 
overview of the situation or gain some understanding of the matter, because 
only those who already know can distinguish between the correct things and the 
incorrec ones.

>  What he says about kde4's
> tip toward the semantic desktop and akonadi, and how it all seems to be
> tilted toward the big corporate side of things, really does seem to
> explain things.

Which is unfortunately one of the inaccurate things.

> Unfortunately, it seems kde is about to lose him to xfce
> over this entire thing.

While I have never understood the need to switch desktops when switching a 
single application nor switching all applications when switching desktops, I 
am not so sure it is unfortunate.

Given these recent articles I much rather have him write fundamentally wrong 
stuff about XFCE ;-)

I do pity the XFCE folks though, they have a great ecosystem and would 
probably prefer to develop that further instead of combating half-thruths.

Ah, well, the loss our gain, or however that proverb goes.


Kevin Krammer, KDE developer, xdg-utils developer
KDE user support, developer mentoring
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