Kontact "unable to create calendar"

huw huw at synapticsilence.net
Sat Mar 8 14:57:49 GMT 2014

On Sunday 02 Mar 2014 09:50:09 huw wrote:
> On Saturday 01 Mar 2014 12:52:11 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > Hmm. Settings menu in the top menu bar has an entry "Configure
> > KOrganizer" (or similar, translating from a German localized oned).
> > 
> > It opens a settings window that has a "General" section.
> > In that I have four tabs, the last one is labelled "Calendar"
> > 
> > It list both of my two calendar sources and it has a three buttons, one
> > labelled "Add..."
> > 
> > Through that I get a list of possible calendar backends, one of the being
> > "ICal file".
> > 
> > Selecting that lets me choose a .ics file as the calendar source.
> > 
> > Help -> About Kontact says "Kontact shell 4.11.5"
> > 
> > Debian unstable, but there might be a newer version in the archives now.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Kevin
> I seem to be on a really old version!  That must be the reason.  I wonder
> why that is - SolydXK is supposedly based on Debian Unstable, but Synaptic
> is not showing any updates for the Kontact suite.
> Hmm.  I'll have to try installing a newer version somehow, but that's
> something I'll ask the distro's community about.  Thank you, Kevin, for
> pointing me in the right direction, I appreciate it.
> (Incidentally, I'm not seeing my own messages to this mailing list for some
> reason)
> Kind regards,
> Huw

I solved this, by the way.  It turns out that the version of Kontact (and 
Kmail) I was using didn't have some kind of kdepim groupware metapackage 
installed.  That also meant that it somehow doesn't use Akonadi; I thought 
that wasn't possible?

Anyway, now I have the proper calendar application and I have been able to 
import my old calendar after a bit of fiddling with Akonadi's resource 
settings (which no ordinary desktop user should be expected to mess with in my 

Kmail still isn't using Akonadi for some reason, and that's absolutely fine 
with me, since Akonadi is the cause of nearly every bug I've ever had with 

Kind regards,
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