Restoring a KMail folder from a generic backup

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Wed Jul 16 17:54:24 BST 2014

On Wednesday, 2014-07-16, 17:30:13, David Goodenough wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 July 2014 17:39:55 Kevin Krammer wrote:

> > The structure, i.e. using a subdirectory starting with a period to
> > indicate
> > a sub folder, is a widely used one when it comes to Maildir storage.
> > Another very common implementation of that is Maildir++
> > 
> > It is a form of disambiguation, e.g. protecting against a user creating a
> > folder with names "new", "tmp" or "cur", which have special meanings in
> > Maildir.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Kevin
> Kevin,
> I understand that, but I think there is a little more to it that that. 
> Tools like grep ... * do not search them (yes I know I can use grep ... .*
> but I have to do that as well.  Most of the time I need to access these
> files to find things, rather than to mess around with directory structures.

When I am working with files, like searching in files, I always work with 

> My problem is not I realise with KDE, but is with the whole mail community.
> Its not a show stopper, just an nuisance which I could live without.

Well, maildir is just one possible options for mail storage.
It is just one of the most widely used ones, so it becomes a natural candidate 
for early support.

One could for example come up with "inverse maildir" where every sub folder is 
a direct directory and the operational directory begin with a period.

Or not working with folders at all but with labels/tags.

And so on.

So far most experimental backend contributions are for remote backends though.

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