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Gene Heskett posted on Thu, 30 Jan 2014 22:18:53 -0500 as excerpted:

> On Thursday 30 January 2014 22:04:26 Duncan did opine:
>> Gene Heskett posted on Thu, 30 Jan 2014 18:35:12 -0500 as excerpted:
>> > On Thursday 30 January 2014 18:31:43 Duncan did opine:
>> >> Vacuum internal storage
>> > 
>> > Interesting Duncan, but my old 10.04.4 LTS version
>> For the record, OpenSuSE 10.04.4, correct?
> Sorry, no, Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS, currently frozen for lack of a newer
> kernel that is RTAI patchable.

OK.  I know both OpenSuSE and (K)Ubuntu do the year-based release number 
thing, and thought I remembered you being on OpenSuSE, but either my 
memory is bad or you switches somewhere along the line.

Either way, presumably the numbers are enough different that people on 
one or the other would know it either was or wasn't the one they were on, 
but to someone using a different distro entirely the number doesn't mean 
a lot without a distro name attached... and even then, other than 
possibly raw age (2010 was awhile ago...), there's no clue as to what 
specific kde version we're talking about.

Which was really my point, it's a kde list so we need the _KDE_ version, 
so I guess I made it better than I thought I did... =:^/

>> On topic... I'm actually not sure as I switched from kmail to
>> claws-mail some time ago (early 4.7 timeframe, when it became clear
>> akonadified kmail was going somewhere entirely different than I was
>> interested in following) here, but...
> I can't argue with that other than to point out that I too am on the
> claws list, and its teething problems are stopping me from converting in
> the middle of the creek.  The maildir format I am using with KDE is also
> apparently NOT importable between them.

I'm not actually on the claws list.  I've thought about it, but so far 
I've not gotten the appropriately rounded tuit... =:^)

Anyway, unfortunately the maildir format isn't /directly/ importable into 
claws-mail's native mh-folders, but there are various methods to get 
around that, including import scripts (tho I had to hack the one I used a 
bit as it was rather dated), using mutt to do the conversion since it 
understands both and /can/ do the conversion, or doing something with IMAP 
(either putting everything on your IMAP server temporarily if you have 
one and a big enough quota, or at least temporarily setting up a local 
IMAP server, such as dovecot, for the conversion, after which finishing 
the conversion may not matter so much any more since the IMAP server 
stores the mail).

I didn't know about the mutt option when I did my conversion, but was 
planning to do the IMAP thing if the scripted conversion didn't work.  
Fortunately for me the scripted coversion worked, even if I had to hack 
it a bit to get it to work, but that does mean I don't have actual 
experience with the other options.

Regardless, I don't like getting stuck in a bind like that, and one way 
or another, it *DO* get off the platform, after which I won't go anywhere 
near it.  That's how I ended up leaving the MS platform as well, because 
with eXPrivacy's remote authorization MS crossed a line that I simply 
wasn't going to cross, and the only way I had to stay on the platform was 
to go illegal, which I wasn't prepared to do either, so I really had no 
choice but to get off it.  Which is why I'm so strictly anti-slaveryware 
to this day, refusing to run even the proprietary flash plugins or nVidia 
drivers that so many run on Linux.  I've escaped that hell-hole and 
there's no way I'm going back!

Which, to a rather lessor degree since at least it's still freedomware, 
is about how I feel about akonadified kmail at this point.  They put me 
in a bad bind that it was difficult to get myself out of, which only 
guaranteed I *WAS* going to find a way out, which I did, and it's 
"unlikely" I'll ever find myself going back as a result.

OTOH, I could in theory find myself back using MS for at least part of my 
machines if they were to go freedomware (never say never, right?), and in 
another X years, after kmail is long stable, I guess I could in theory 
end up back on kmail, even if it's still on some way future version of 
whatever they're using for a database by then.

Meanwhile, since you're on the claws-mail list, what discussion have you 
seen about gtk2 at some point going deprecated?  As long as firefox still 
uses gtk2 only, there's little immediate danger of that happening, but at 
some point...  Are they working on a gtk3 port, or possibly (as some 
other formerly gtk2 projects have done instead) a switch to qt5?  Or...??

There's three gtk2-based apps I currently depend on, pan for my lists (as 
newsgroups via gmane) and newsgroups, which is already gtk3 ported altho 
the gtk3 version remains more buggy and less used, firefox, which I check 
on the gtk3 porting status from time to time but there's little danger of 
gtk2 going away with firefox still on it, and claws-mail, which I really 
don't know upstream's post-gtk2 plans for, and that bothers me, but so 
far not enough to actually go trying to find a claws-mail specific answer 
for yet.

So if you have that answer handy, please do share! =:^)

>> Assuming restarting kmail does an automated vacuum, the effect would
>> indeed be the same.
>> But I think that's a bad assumption, as akonadi continues to run (at
>> least it did back when I last used kmail/akonadi) if you're just
>> restarting kmail.  I'd guess it'd take an akonadi restart at least, and
>> even then, I'm not sure if that would trigger an automated vacuum or
>> not.
> I just tried it and kmail was made nice and snappy again, but now that
> Konsole is being spammed by everything akonadi does.  Which is a lot of
> noise to me.

Try this in that konsole (konsole tab?):

Ctrl-z 		# Probably not necessary here since akonadi should 
background, but useful if a started program doesn't give you back the 
shell prompt.  Temporarily stops the foreground app and returns to the 
shell prompt with the app stopped.

bg 		# Restart the app in the background, only if you needed 
to ctrl-Z to get to a prompt.

disown -a	# This lets you quit the shell without quitting apps 
started from it.

exit		# This will normally close that konsole tab (and window 
if that's its only tab) when the shell exits.

Restart a new konsole or open a new tab as desired.  This one shouldn't 
get all that spam. =:^)

Every once in awhile I find myself in the same situation, and the above 
is how I get out of it here.

Of course if you have other backgrounded tasks in that shell that you 
don't want to lose... But I normally use a new shell instance (either VT 
login or konsole/konsole-tab) instead of backgrounding a whole bunch of 
stuff, and if you're actually doing that much backgrounding, you should 
probably be using something like screen, allowing you to resume a session 
if the hosting shell disconnects/crashes/whatever.

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