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Sun Jan 26 22:16:48 GMT 2014

Dâniel Fraga posted on Sat, 25 Jan 2014 09:48:57 -0200 as excerpted:

> Thank you very much for your answer Duncan.
> Sorry about the lack of information, but maybe there's some KDE
> "log" I could read which would easy the debug process.

Now that you put it that way, as a matter of fact, perhaps...

> I can bisect the kernel, although it's a time-consuming process.

Indeed. =:^(

> My installation is like Linux from scratch and I like to
> compile everything.

Cool. =:^)  I don't remember whether I mentioned that I'm a gentooer or 
not.  That means I build everything and get the advantage of pre-build 
configure options as gentoo USE flags, etc, but the process is somewhat 
automated, making it much easier to keep up with updates, etc.

That's /my/ ideal balance between customizability and practicality, but I 
definitely respect anyone farther out toward the LFS end than that.  I 
could certainly do it for a first installation, but I don't expect I'd 
keep with it for the now almost exactly a decade I've been on gentoo.

> The interesting is that the mouse works with gpm,
> kdm and a few seconds after Kwin is started. Then is freezes.

That /is/ interesting.

The log files I alluded to above aren't exactly kde, but...


As suggested by the location and name, this is the output/error log for a 
user's X session.  Maybe you'll find something there.


This is the one your log comment triggered my memory of, and I'd guess 
actually more likely to provide details on the problem.  On a modern 
Linux system and xorg, input devices are hotplugged.  This log from xorg 
is the most likely place to find reports of any X related problems 
including input device hotplugging issues and any time X doesn't behave, 
this is the first place to look.

I think you have a good chance of seeing something there, particularly 
since you said it was kernel sensitive, meaning it's likely an xorg 
hotplugging issue, not necessarily a kde issue.  Note that the hotplugging 
involves udev as well, so you may ultimately trace it down to a udev 
compatibility or configuration issue.

> I'll dig more and if I have the solution I'll post it here.

That would be very much appreciated.  I'm running 3.13 plus now (actually 
some way into the pre-3.14-rc1 commit window running a git kernel) and 
haven't had myself or read of any such issues apart from yours, and now 
you have me really quite curious what is going on in your case, so 
updates once you have them will be much appreciated indeed! =:^)

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