Konqueror please fix many bugs! And make Konqueror browser available!

http://www.nguyenthanhtoan.co.za/ ukuphila at nguyenthanhtoan.co.za
Fri Jan 24 18:50:59 GMT 2014


Konqueror please fix many bugs in Konqueror browser when browsing http://www.facebook.com/, http not https I do not use https in my account in facebook.com, and when posting in http://www.facebook.com/, and I do not know how to install flash player in Konqueror and flash player do not run in Konqueror (in Youtube and Facebook Games)! I use Konqueror and KDE Plashma Desktop lastest version, in South African Makulu Linux KDE 4.1 and in Linux Mint Petra 16, my desktop and laptop CPUs are Intel Duo Core E5200 and Core 2 Duo T5870, new install partitions 30GBs only for new install OSes no personal data stored there.
Konqueror browser is also easy to crash when opening many tabs, from 8 tabs to more!

Konqueror and KDE make Konqueror browser available for all users and all Linux distributions to download and install! And on Konqueror and KDE internet sites! And also for Windows users too (little, because Microsoft and Windows must end and all will come to Linux.)!
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