Sound problems again...

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Fri Aug 15 08:59:32 BST 2014

op 12-08-14 20:38, Jogchum Reitsma schreef:
> Hi all,
> While I love my opensuse/kde systems dearly, sound has always been a 
> hassle here. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't work at 
> all, sometimes it works half.
> At the moment, I have a desktop running opensuse 13.1/KDE 4.11.5 on 
> which youtube sound through Firefox works, but apparently nothing 
> else. CD-playing, local music files, other-than-youtube movies trough 
> Firefox, (e.g.
> do not work.
> In all these cases (including the one where sound is indeed 
> reproduced!) kmix says there is no sound stream being played.
> The sound card is a Xonar STX, which indeed is granted a tab in kmix. 
> But the menu "Configuration->Sound configuration" shows no hardware at 
> all, only the PulsAudio server. On the other hand, 
> "Configuration->Select main channel" says the current mixer is Xonar, 
> and the channel representing the main volume is the Master of the 
> Xonar STX.
> I tried to remove/re-install the Xonar with Yast (the main 
> configuration tool of opensuse), but no luck. Testing the card from 
> within Yast works fine, though.
> Frustrating is that is *has* worked a certain time, until some upgrade 
> (i keep the system in sync with the 13.1 repos for opensuse).
> Anyone any idea?
> (BTW, I also have a laptop running opensuse Factory, which behaves 
> just the opposite: everything works, except for Firefox sound... But 
> that's something for another thread.)
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Problem solved.

I came across 
where was suggested to throw away /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf, and let 
Yast configure the soundcard again. For that problem it didn'nt help (it 
appeared to be a hardware problem after all), but in my case it solved 
the problem. While the old and new /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf are 
exactly the same.

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