K-Menu - High-lighting a bit too subtle

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Tue Aug 12 04:48:12 BST 2014

Bogus Zaba posted on Mon, 11 Aug 2014 20:54:23 +0100 as excerpted:

>> Once there, I *STRONGLY* recommend reading the help text (also
>> available,
>> if installed, in khelpcenter, system settings modules, colors), because
>> there's a two-dimensional color organization, sets vs roles, that
>> definitely takes some reading and then a bit of experimentation to get
>> the hang of, but without that reading, the stuff that changes with each
>> config change will seem almost random and the result will be VERY quick
>> frustration!
> I certainly see what you mean - having read through the help a couple of
> times I think I understand it very slightly better than before... Not
> sure if I could explain it to anybody else though.

Now you know why I explained how to get kde colors system help, NOT how 
it all worked, directly! =:^)

Back when I first switched to kde4, the kde dev (Matthew Woehlke) that 
setup the color kcm (kcontrol module, it's still kcontrol to me! =:^) was 
active on the lists and help me get a handle on things before the colors 
help was anywhere /near/ that good, in the process finding out just how 
hard it was for even relatively advanced users to get their heads around 
the thing without better help, and which concepts I had the most trouble 
with and needed the most help with.

That's why that help topic is so much more in depth than many are, and 
why it's reasonably good, at least for folks who think like me, at 
explaining things.  He and the other devs that came up with the framework 
were simply too close to it to clearly see where people would have 
problems with it, and I guess working with me to get it explained was 
exactly what it needed (as I said, at least for people who think like me. 
=:^& )

> Many thanks for your help on this. Doubt if I would have got there by
> clicking away at the System Settings menus.

Believe me, I know that feeling /well/, as I was certainly very 
frustrated with it when I was first trying to set it up!  I believe it's 
my strong eye correction (stronger than -10 diopters) that makes me more 
sensitive to glare than most, thus explaining my *strong* preference for 
a "reversed color scheme" light text on dark backgrounds.  As I explained 
back then, trying to work too long on standard light backgrounds, dark 
text, almost makes me physically ill, so it was /essential/ that I figure 
the colors settings out and be able to adjust them to my needs.

Luckily, Matthew was on the lists at the time and I guess we helped each 
other work out our respective color problems. =:^)

> btw How come you've stopped providing your standard paragraph which we
> all came to enjoy over several years about "System Settings" being the
> wrong name for that KDE module??

I chanced across someone else's use of a rather less strident version 
that still made the kde (not global system) connection: "kde system 
settings".  That's entirely accurate, yet makes the point so smoothly you 
apparently didn't even notice it, and you were looking.  Once I saw that, 
I began using the term as well.  =:^)

Tho as I'd already mentioned that it was kde system settings, in the 
context of the help center, I strictly followed the breadcrumbs.  Since 
the breadcrumbs didn't have the kde and it was already apparent due to 
previous specific mention as well as the khelpcenter name, I omitted it 
there, much as I would if I were direct-quoting someone and they had 
omitted it in what I quoted.

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