keyboard and mouse not working after upadte to latest xorg server

Peter Nikolic pg.nikolic1 at
Sat Aug 2 21:25:03 BST 2014

On Sat, 2 Aug 2014 06:47:22 +0000 (UTC)
Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at> wrote:

> Peter Nikolic posted on Fri, 01 Aug 2014 23:05:58 +0100 as excerpted:
> > Iam running Arch Linux on my main PC fully updated including the
> > latest xorg server  stuff  , If i run startx i can use the terminal
> > windows start programes  as root    .
> > 
> > If i run kdm to use kde i get the login screen /greeter but have no
> > mouse or keyboard .
> > I have so far tried every thing i can find to attempt to solve this
> > without sucess .
> > 
> > Could use a little help and or suggestions as to where to look next
> FWIW, here I use startx to start kde directly from a text login, no
> *dm installed at all, nor have I used a *dm graphical login since
> before I switched to gentoo in 2004, so there's a definite limit to
> my knowledge in that area.  In fact, I quit using *dm logins back on
> Mandrake in probably 2002 or so, precisely because the one I was
> using broke, while a text login and simply running startx from there
> "just worked".  My impression then and now is thus that a *dm login
> requires that more software machinery be configured and in working
> order, and that it's consequently more delicate and prone to breakage
> than the relatively more robust simple text login and startx as a
> normal user, with an xsession set as appropriate (to kde in this
> context).
> Anyway, some questions/observations can be made:
> You tried kdm, and you tried startx as root, but there's no
> indication you tried startx as a normal user (which is the way I
> launch X, with kde set as the xsession, here).  What happens if you
> do that?
> That kdm isn't giving you mouse/keyboard in X while logging in as
> root and running startx gives you working mouse/keyboard points at a 
> permissions issue, possibly related to systemd's logind configuration
> -- nobody logged in so it's not setting permissions appropriately to
> allow X- based input activation, to /get/ that login.  While what
> little *dm stuff I know is long outdated (long /long/ before
> systemd's logind, for instance, which certainly changed the rules in
> that area quite a bit), checking whether a text login as a normal
> user and startx from there gives you working input, would test
> another variant on the problem, giving people more information to
> troubleshoot with.
> You can also try a text login, and then switch back to kdm and see if
> it is suddenly working.  If that works, it's definitely
> dynamic-permissions related based on login.
> Meanwhile, if you'd like startx to run kde instead of a generic
> session (as I do here on gentoo, but with a slightly different
> technique than suggested in the link below), since you're on arch,
> I'll refer you to the arch wiki:
> With that you may find, as I did, that ultimately you don't need a
> *dm graphical login any longer.  Simply do a normal text login, and
> if you want to startx, just run startx as you would a normal
> command.  If not, don't. =:^)
> ...  Tho even if you don't use kdm for graphical login, if you need a 
> screen-locker you'll still need to keep it installed as it provides
> the greeter for kde's screenlocker, without which you won't get a
> login prompt after locking the screen, and you'll have to kill X
> (using magic- srq K or from a different VT) and run startx again if
> you activate the screenlocker.  FWIW, I don't need that screenlocker
> functionality as I'm the only user on my home computer and I
> deliberately keep private info off my netbook, so I just disable the
> screenlocker and use startx to start kde, and don't need to have kdm
> installed at all.

Hi Duncan   

Thanks for the reply i think it may be as you suggest a permissions
problem but it is proving to be hell to sort out   every thing was fine
untill i accepted the update to the latest Xorg server  then  well 

Ok  well i am going to be out all day tomorrow fishing so will try to
solve it monday evening and get back to you then .

Thanks Pete ..

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x86_64 GNU/Linux
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