keyboard and mouse not working after upadte to latest xorg server

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at
Sun Aug 3 08:48:29 BST 2014

Peter Nikolic posted on Sat, 02 Aug 2014 21:25:03 +0100 as excerpted:

> Thanks for the reply i think it may be as you suggest a permissions
> problem but it is proving to be hell to sort out   every thing was fine
> untill i accepted the update to the latest Xorg server  then  well

FWIW, latest xorg-server 1.16.0 here, recently upgraded (as it'd have to 
be, because it only recently came out).  No problems to report, but as I 
said, I do the text login, startx with a kde xsession setting, thing 
here, and don't even have a *dm installed, so if there were issues with 
it and *dm, I'd never know it.

But it does seem to me that your issue is likely related to logind 
console session dynamic permissions.  Obviously those logging into a text 
login session and running startx from there have a login session already 
going when they run startx, with console perms already set for the 
existing login.  That contrasts significantly with the *dm login case, 
where X is already running and at least basic input perms would be 
necessary in ordered to be even to login graphically at all, which seems 
to be your problem.  I just don't know how to fix it since the little *dm 
experience I have is over a decade outdated now, well before systemd's 
logind solution and indeed, before hal and the like as well, so 
literally, generations of solutions have come and gone since then. =:^\

> Ok  well i am going to be out all day tomorrow fishing


> so will try to solve it monday evening and get back to you then .

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