YAKM2/AC (Yet another kmail2/akonadi complaint)

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed May 22 09:25:15 BST 2013

This one's from one of the gentoo/kde devs (running 4.10.3).  He says it
works great on his @work system, on a hard-wired network just across the
lawn from the corporate mail server, but as of 4.10.3 still loses mail on
his laptop when he tries to connect over definitely less than perfect
connections while he's mobile.


He reached about the same conclusion I did some time ago, that (last
sentence of the article):

>> I am just getting more and more convinced that the complexity of this
>> combined system is too much to handle and that kmail should never have
>> gone the akonadi way.

and (from a reply in the comments section):

>> kmail using akonadi for e-mails is just plain wrong. It may be
>> conceptionally a nice idea, but it will never become stable.

So he's considering going back to kdepim-4.4 (which is still available on
gentoo, altho it was set to be removed, but that might not happen now due
to this), or trying something else, OfflineIMAP and Dovecot on the laptop
and letting kmail2/akonadi connect to that, or some other email client,
perhaps trojita.

As regulars here know, I switched to claws-mail when I decided I'd had
enough of lost mail, etc, and have been very happy with it. =:^)

(I'd have tried trojita, but unfortunately it doesn't do POP3, and my
providers don't do IMAP, so I'd have had to do some sort of fetchmail and
local dovecot solution or the like myself, to run trojita.  Which might
have been what I would have done had claws-mail not worked so well.)

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