YAKM2/AC (Yet another kmail2/akonadi complaint)

Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Wed May 22 10:55:09 BST 2013

On Wednesday, 2013-05-22, Duncan wrote:
> This one's from one of the gentoo/kde devs (running 4.10.3).  He says it
> works great on his @work system, on a hard-wired network just across the
> lawn from the corporate mail server, but as of 4.10.3 still loses mail on
> his laptop when he tries to connect over definitely less than perfect
> connections while he's mobile.
> http://dilfridge.blogspot.com/2013/05/personal-experience-and-opinion-kmail
> 2.html
> He reached about the same conclusion I did some time ago, that (last
> sentence of the article):
> >> I am just getting more and more convinced that the complexity of this
> >> combined system is too much to handle and that kmail should never have
> >> gone the akonadi way.

There is a certain truth in that, i.e. it would have been better to create 
KMail2 as a new application instead of porting KMail1.
Of course it is always easier to make such observations afterwards :)

KAddressBook for example was written for the new stack so it could avoid a lot 
of porting artifacts.

One thing that is kind of unfortunate is that nobody used the opportunity to 
create a mail interface for low to medium volume users of email :(

> and (from a reply in the comments section):
> >> kmail using akonadi for e-mails is just plain wrong. It may be
> >> conceptionally a nice idea, but it will never become stable.
> So he's considering going back to kdepim-4.4 (which is still available on
> gentoo, altho it was set to be removed, but that might not happen now due
> to this), or trying something else, OfflineIMAP and Dovecot on the laptop
> and letting kmail2/akonadi connect to that, or some other email client,
> perhaps trojita.

Absolutely. The standalone mail client use case can best be provided by 
applications specifically written for that.
While KMail originally came from that direction as well, it had moved to be a 
groupware integration point long ago.

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