LibreOffice - no entry from applications

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Tue May 21 16:40:58 BST 2013

Burkhard Lück wrote, On 05/21/2013 01:22 AM:
> Am Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013, 09:51:58 schrieb Kevin Wilson:
>> Hello
>> After switching to KDE I installed LibreOffice 4 from RPM.
>> I cannot find a menu entry for it from under "Applications".
>> Is there a way I can add a  menu entry?

LibreOffice usually separates out the desktop stuff into a
subdirectory called "desktop-integration" where you should (maybe)
find an RPM/DEB/ETC that installs the XDG/FreeDesktop bits needed to
do this. (this includes all the Icons, MIME mappings, etc), so would
be preferred over manually adding Kickoff entries, if you can avoid

Additionally, you might need to:

  kbuildsycoca4    (or)    kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental
  and/or logout/login again

as i've been only partially successful at times in getting the icons
to showup in the current session.

Debian Wheezy/KDE 4.8.4 seems even worse about not giving me proper
icon imagery until a logout/login cycle :-( We have an NFS shared
/usr/local/share/applications here where a firefox.desktop is
used.  In Firefox 21, the icon changed location, and 'kbuildsycoca4
--noincremental' does NOT load the new icon in Kickoff (shows
blank) until a complete recycle.  I dunno if plasma-desktop/kickoff
(whatever) is supposed to periodically poll or inotify() watch its
path elements for changes, but it's definitely not helping me out.

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