Yet another failed KDE release?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Sun Mar 24 12:30:10 GMT 2013

On Sunday, 2013-03-24, Renaud (Ron) Olgiati wrote:

> It would be a help if KDE did not store in hidden "configuration" files
> (.kde4) a mort of stuff that is in fact user data, like all the Kmail
> messages, Konqueror  bookmarks, etc.

Actually .kde/ :)

KDE software preceeds the creation of the cross desktop locations for config 
and data. Like most other Unix projects an appropriately named dot directory 
in $HOME was chosen as the entry point for necessary paths (not only config, 
also temp, cache, directory for sockets, etc).
Migration of data out of that tree is an ongoing process, e.g. cache should 
already be located in the xdg cache location (usually $HOME/.cache/), temp and 
var have been symlinks to appropriate system locations for years.

Independent of that there should be no or very little "co-location" of user 
data and config. The way KDE applications access base directories usually 
leads to a clean separation, i.e. config ending up in $KDEHOME/share/config, 
user data ending up in $KDEHOME/share/apps and so on.

> When it becomes possible to zap the actual config files without loosing
> one's data, then it will be acceptabel to do each time a clean install of
> KDE.

You can already do that but it is hardly ever necessary. The whole thread is 
based on a misinterpretation.

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