Yet another failed KDE release?

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Sun Mar 24 14:16:33 GMT 2013

On 2013-03-24 13:30 (GMT+0100) Kevin Krammer composed:

> Renaud (Ron) Olgiati wrote:

>> It would be a help if KDE did not store in hidden "configuration" files
>> (.kde4) a mort of stuff that is in fact user data, like all the Kmail
>> messages, Konqueror  bookmarks, etc.

> Actually .kde/ :)

Actually it depends on whether you use it in a distro that supplanted KDE3 
with (alphaware) KDE 4.0 (e.g. Fedora, as with Grub Legacy supplanted by 
Grub2; and Mandriva), or added KDE4 as an additional installation choice 
(e.g. openSUSE 12.3 released this month offering both KDE 3.5 and KDE 4.10, 
also as with Grub Legacy and Grub2; and Mageia 3's offer of both Grub Legacy 
and Grub2, having learned a huge lesson from KDE3->KDE4). 3 & 4 can't both 
use .kde/ (cf. /boot/grub plus /boot/grub2 vs. only /boot/grub) in the same 
$HOME without causing big trouble.
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