Yet another failed KDE release?

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Sat Mar 23 17:12:04 GMT 2013

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On 23/03/13 13:08, dE . wrote:
> There's very less time focused on testing; that should be 
> increased, and there's really no reason to hurry releases, no one 
> complained KDE is empty and featureless, but a lot complain about 
> it's bugs and stability. This should point to something.
> Sorry:This discussion is getting a bit heavy, I'll take some time 
> to respond.

No distro forces you to use the latest of everything.  Usually any
version is supported for at least a few months after the release of a
new one, so you can always stick with that.

You claim to be happy to help test, yet you complain constantly.
Let's try for some facts.

Have you any idea how many different graphics cards are in use by the
KDE community - i.e. by all users?  Sound cards?  and that's just the
obvious ones.  How is any developer going to test every one of those?
 It's simply not possible.  Early adopters choose to be guinea pigs,
helping testing.  If you or anyone else doesn't want to be in that
situation, simply stick with the older version.

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