change tab switch keystrokes in Konsole, and other stuff?

David Melik dchmelik at
Sun Jan 20 08:10:09 GMT 2013

I use Konsole, and I would like to be able to switch tabs the way I
would on a typical console, such as with alt and a direction rather than
shift and a direction. This is partly because I want to use MCedit, or
hopefully SETedit in the future, which are like DOS text editrs that use
shift and a direction to highlight text. I did not see the option to
change these keys in the Konsole settings.

Is there a way for Konsole, or a program in it, to override which
clipboard it uses? If I am able to use a text editor like this that I
want, it also uses typical clipboard commands... but I want it
restricted to its own editor, or to link its clipboard to KDE's, which I
might do.

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