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Joar Jegleim joar.jegleim at
Fri Feb 8 08:04:30 GMT 2013

Hi all,

I've become a big fan of Kmail (and KDE in general) lately, but I'm
having trouble with full txt search in Kmail . Full text search simply
doesn't work.
I'm in Kubuntu 12.10, but I'm running the kde beta repo packages, so
I'm currently in Kde 4.10 RC3 ( the Kubuntu KDE beta packages are
versioning them at 4.9.98 ) .

Nepomuk has from time to time been going crazy between upgrades, so it
has become a routine to reset nepomuk and akonadi after each upgrade
follwing these instructions:

I know those links point to Akonadi 4.4 , but those directions always
fixes problems such as virtuoso-t using 100% cpu .

Anyway, I'm still having trouble with full text search in Kmail, and
I'd like to get to the bottom of that.
I read in the release notes for 4.10 that nepomuk pretty much got a
complete rewrite, so in regard of the fact that I've been upgrading
Kde from 4.8.x -> 4.10 RC3, does anybody have any input on how to
completely reset nepomuk and all that stuff related to indexing my
mail ?

Joar Jegleim
AKA: CosmicB @Freenode

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