kmail tray icon: show count of new messages only in favorite folders?

nortexoid nortexoid at
Fri Feb 8 10:49:48 GMT 2013

phanisvara das wrote
> On Friday 04 Jan 2013 09:19:25 Kristian Rink wrote:
>> Folks;
>> using kmail (Kubuntu 12.10 + current KDE 4.10 prereleases from the
>> PPA), I wonder whether there is a way to set up the kmail tray
>> icon to only display the count of messages new in the "favorite"
>> folders? I'm running a googlemail account with automated filters
>> same as (in our company) an IMAP server with many folders and
>> server-sided filtering, but usually just keep the INBOXes in my
>> favorites as this is where stuff of importance arrives, these are
>> the folders for which I would like to be notified via tray icon
>> whenever anything "new" appears there. Is this possible, is there
>> a configuration option for that?
> right-click on the folders in your folder list that you don't want to 
> be notified from, then un-tick the option "act on new messages in this 
> folder" (or similar). that should do it.

Genius! Thanks. This feature should be better documented and more easily
discoverable by the user. Most people will have at least some folders whose
new mail they don't care to be notified about (e.g. every gmail user, I'd

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