Introduction + create a custom user profile for KDE 4.10.5

Niki Kovacs info at
Mon Aug 19 12:37:33 BST 2013

Le 19/08/2013 12:55, Nowardev-Team a écrit :
> in that configs there are no destkop effects no nepomuck lighter krunner
> etc ... just read , there is even a nice feature in kate that can help
> you ...
> just open every configs file on ~/.kde and then you can modify your
> settigs .... kate will warn you if a file has been modified ,... anyway
> there is already that project that can help you. it has a wallpaper
> customize icons colors and of course nepo and desktop effects turned
> off. even the kickoffrc file should be there where you can define your
> prefered applications  just download that project and look around at the
> files

Thanks again. I already looked at your project, and it helped me advance 
a little bit. On the other hand, I use Slackware (not Kubuntu).

I tried the panel lockdown as suggested, put a line in layout.js, but it 
doesn't seem to have any effect. The new user can still shoot himself in 
the foot and erase the panel.



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