Introduction + create a custom user profile for KDE 4.10.5

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Mon Aug 19 13:22:15 BST 2013

On Monday, 2013-08-19, Niki Kovacs wrote:
> OK, I managed to go further in my default configuration. I edited a
> series of small files in /etc/skel/.kde/share/config to alter KDE's
> default configuration.

Just as an additional data point:
you can also add the config into the directory hierarchy, e.g. any path in 
kde4-config --path config

(list can be expanded by environment variable $KDEDIRS)

> How can I have widgets default to locked? Users *can* unlock them
> afterwards eventually, though I'd like to know how I can theoretically
> lock everything down for good.

I've looked at the desktop scripting page in TechBase and it says there should 
be a global property named "locked" that is read-/writable.

Try something like

locked = true;

in you script.


P.S.: it would be great if you could document your setup somewhere once you 
are satisfied and link to it from the documentation on TechBase.
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