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Stephen Dowdy posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:35:47 -0600 as excerpted:

> Anyone else remember CDE/DesksetTools(dt) on SunOS?  I still really miss
> the toolset .text_extras_menu filter mappings you could define so within
> any DT text widget, you could make your own context filter menu to do
> things like:
>     #       @(#)text_extras_menu 1.6 88/02/08 SMI #       Copyright (c)
>     1987 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
>     #       Text "Extras" menu
>     "Send to Bourne Shell"      /bin/sh "Send to C-Shell"          
>     /bin/csh "Send to Default Printer"   lpr "Send to LinePrinter"      
>     lpr -Pp "Send to Pageview"          pageview -
>     "Send to GhostView"         ghostview -

OK, so we're at least second generation OT now, but... it's fun. =:^)

1) You can see what pan does with rewrapping when auto-wrap is on and I 
don't manually rewrap... obviously not perfect.  (I'd normally either 
turn wrapping off for that or rewrap it manually, but since it came up...)

2) Had you heard, CDE has been open-sourced now! =:^)  Rather late, but 
they did open-source it, announcement maybe a month ago.  (I switched 
from MS when they crossed the line I couldn't/wouldn't cross with 
eXPrivacy, tho I'd tried Linux before that, but that was after CDE, so 
kde2's CDE color theme was about the closest I got to CDE, personally.)

3) Back on topic, KDE of course has a send-to menu, which can AFAIK be 
modified via modifying the appropriate *.desktop service entries, but 
that's for sending files, not arbitrary text.

4) Of course for text, there's klipper and its config.  Set it up 
correctly, and you get a popup when either selected (X-style-clipboard) 
or copied (MS-style clipboard) text matches a configurable regex.  The 
popup can then have one or more selectable actions associated with it.  I 
use that quite a bit here, having quite a number of customized regexes 
and associated actions.

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