CDE/deskset filtering (was Re: Mouse wheel workspace switching behavior)

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Fri Sep 21 01:45:02 BST 2012

Duncan wrote, On 09/20/2012 04:14 PM:
> Stephen Dowdy posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 13:35:47 -0600 as excerpted:
> OK, so we're at least second generation OT now, but... it's fun. =:^)

So, i've changed the subject line ;)

> 2) Had you heard, CDE has been open-sourced now! =:^)  Rather late, but 
> they did open-source it, announcement maybe a month ago.  (I switched 
> from MS when they crossed the line I couldn't/wouldn't cross with 
> eXPrivacy, tho I'd tried Linux before that, but that was after CDE, so 
> kde2's CDE color theme was about the closest I got to CDE, personally.)

Yup, hopefully something useful comes of it, but *I'm* not going back ;)
But, i would be happy if that feature was adopted by
and applied to Qt and gtk widgets.

> 3) Back on topic, KDE of course has a send-to menu, which can AFAIK be 
> modified via modifying the appropriate *.desktop service entries, but 
> that's for sending files, not arbitrary text.

So, the text_extras_menu was a generalized filter facility.  Anything
in the Selection Buffer was run as stdin to the filter command and
the output from the filter was placed back into the selection buffer
region.  Thus things like capitalization, reflowing, indenting, etc
were easy.  You could even run it through a language translator filter
if you had one.  But, again, it was a specific feature of the text
widget in DT.

> 4) Of course for text, there's klipper and its config.  Set it up 
> correctly, and you get a popup when either selected (X-style-clipboard) 
> or copied (MS-style clipboard) text matches a configurable regex.  The 
> popup can then have one or more selectable actions associated with it.  I 
> use that quite a bit here, having quite a number of customized regexes 
> and associated actions.

I turned that off, because it was false-triggering on things i really
didn't want it to.  I see that you can disable the AUTOMATIC action
triggers, which was my main problem, so you can still do something
like select a URL and do "manual invoke action on current clipboard"
which IS a nice feature.  still doesn't answer the notion of the
builtin generalized filtering that text_extras_menu provided,
(even if you did something like 'regex=.*' action='tr lower upper'
you still have to repaste over your current selection, it appears)

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