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Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Thu Sep 20 20:35:47 BST 2012

Duncan wrote, On 09/20/2012 10:43 AM:
> Mirko K. posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 09:49:22 +0200 as excerpted:
>> Just curious. I see my above reply in overly long, not wrapped lines. Is
>> that me causing that? I don't seem to have that problem with other
>> newsgroup or mailing lists.
> It's not you/your-client, it's his client doing it, AFAIK.

Yeah, sorry, i use thunderbird and have never really figured out the
best way to manage the variant modes of line wrap.  Had it set once,
a way i liked, but the enigmail plugin decided it knew better and
forcibly changed them.

I also use the 'External Editor' plugin (using gvim) to edit
e-mails.  I'll sometimes reflow attributed text with 'par', but
didn't in this case.  I'm a grumpy old sysadmin from VT100/VAX days,
so i prefer to write hard-wrapped text, and usually break at column
68 to allow for a few iterations of attribution.

Anyone else remember CDE/DesksetTools(dt) on SunOS?  I still really
miss the toolset .text_extras_menu filter mappings you could define so
within any DT text widget, you could make your own context filter
menu to do things like:

    #       @(#)text_extras_menu 1.6 88/02/08 SMI
    #       Copyright (c) 1987 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    #       Text "Extras" menu

    "Send to Bourne Shell"      /bin/sh
    "Send to C-Shell"           /bin/csh
    "Send to Default Printer"   lpr
    "Send to LinePrinter"       lpr -Pp
    "Send to Pageview"          pageview -
    "Send to GhostView"         ghostview -

    "Format"                    fmt -80
    "PAR Format"                par 74
    "Sort"                  MENU
            "Alphabetic"        sort
            "Numeric"           sort -n
    "Sort"                  END
    "Capitalize"            MENU
            "abcd -> ABCD"      capitalize -u
            "ABCD -> abcd"      capitalize -l
            "abcd -> Abcd"      capitalize -c
    "Capitalize"            END

and anything you selected would be operated on by your selection
from the context menu.  'External Editor' is the closest thing to
getting back that type of operation (leveraging shell filtering
in 'vim') in thunderbird i've run across.

> Your lines looked fine here as originally posted, but as you observed, 
> unwrapped as he quoted them.
> FWIW that's one of the reasons I use a client[1] that can toggle wrap.  

thunderbird can't (AFAIK) :-(. You can, however, <SHIFT> click
various menus/buttons (reply,new message, forward, etc) to toggle
between your preference default Text and HTML edit modes, but ONLY
at the point you perform that action.


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