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Thu Sep 20 17:43:22 BST 2012

Mirko K. posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 09:49:22 +0200 as excerpted:

> Just curious. I see my above reply in overly long, not wrapped lines. Is
> that me causing that? I don't seem to have that problem with other
> newsgroup or mailing lists.

It's not you/your-client, it's his client doing it, AFAIK.

Your lines looked fine here as originally posted, but as you observed, 
unwrapped as he quoted them.

FWIW that's one of the reasons I use a client[1] that can toggle wrap.  
It's not perfect, but if a user posts ascii-art or table output that has 
to be wrapped as posted to be reasonably readable, I toggle the wrapping 
off, so wrapping is as-posted.  If a user posts output with extremely 
long lines, I toggle it on, wrapping the lines on my side.

(What's bad is when the two occur in the same post.  Then I have to 
toggle it on and off in the same post!  Replying to posts with table data 
can also be "interesting" as there's a separate toggle for reply 
wrapping, but if I toggle it off in ordered to keep quoted table data 
aligned, then I have to manually wrap my own lines.  Or I can just 
manually wrap everything.  Like I said, not perfect, but it works.)

[1] I read/respond to the mailing lists via's list2news 
service.  Thus, I use a news client, pan, not a mail client.

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