QtCurve customizations do not apply to GTK applications after update to 4.9.1

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sun Sep 16 06:48:57 BST 2012

Marcelo Magno T. Sales posted on Sat, 15 Sep 2012 21:05:13 -0300 as

> I've just updated KDE to 4.9.1 and now GTK applications do not look like
> KDE applications anymore.
> I use QtCurve with a number of customizations and have configured it to
> be used for GTK applications in System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK
> Appearance. Before the update, the GTK applications displayed menus,
> widgets, buttons, etc. just like the ones in KDE applications, with all
> the customizations I had applied to QtCurve.
> However, after the update, GTK applications look like they are using
> Oxygen. I think that is the default appearance of QtCurve and that my
> customizations are being ignored for GTK applications.
> Any hint on how to make GTK applications look like KDE applications
> again (other than removing my QtCurve customizations to make KDE
> applications use the oxygen-like style, of course :) )

I don't use qtcurve, but I've had the same thing happen occasionally to 
my kde color options, where I've checked the checkbox that applies the 
same colors to "non-kde" apps (tho AFAIK all it applies them to is gtk-
based apps, and to non-kde qt apps of course, I know it doesn't seem to 
apply them to generic X apps or to tk based apps).

In the case of the kde color option, it was a simple matter of toggling 
the option to apply to non-kde-apps off, hitting apply, then toggling it 
back on and hitting apply again.  This sort of reapply the options to 
make them work again technique was very common on MS at least back in the 
9x era before MS pushed me off their platform with eXPrivacy, but it's 
not generally needed as often on Linux, possibly because Linux tends to 
be more stable than at least 9x MS used to be (I've no current experience 
with MS since I couldn't even run it now, given I couldn't agree to the 
EULA giving me permission to do so).

I believe what happened is that somehow the variable that kde set to tell 
the gtk apps what kde-authored gtkrc to use, somehow got unset, so the gtk 
apps returned to defaults.  Toggling the option off and back on (with 
applies in between) caused kde to reset the variable and/or recreate the 
file it pointed to, and gtk apps started after that came up with the kde 
colors I had configured.

I run pretty much every newest kde that comes out, including the beta and 
rc pre-releases, so I've done a lot of kde upgrades since the late 4.2 
era when I first switched from kde3, and I've only had gtk apps lose 
their kde color settings about twice in those now nearing four years, and 
I'm not /sure/ it was due to an upgrade in /those/ cases, so it 
definitely doesn't happen with /every/ upgrade, but I /have/ seen it 
about twice, so it /does/ happen, and each time, a quick toggle/apply/
toggle/apply to that setting reset things appropriately.

So hopefully there's something similar you can toggle in qt-curve, and 
hopefully it has a similar effect. =:^)

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