QtCurve customizations do not apply to GTK applications after update to 4.9.1

Marcelo Magno T. Sales mmtsales at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 01:05:13 BST 2012


I've just updated KDE to 4.9.1 and now GTK applications do not look like KDE 
applications anymore.
I use QtCurve with a number of customizations and have configured it to be 
used for GTK applications in System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK Appearance. 
Before the update, the GTK applications displayed menus, widgets, buttons, 
etc. just like the ones in KDE applications, with all the customizations I had 
applied to QtCurve.
However, after the update, GTK applications look like they are using Oxygen. I 
think that is the default appearance of QtCurve and that my customizations are 
being ignored for GTK applications.
Any hint on how to make GTK applications look like KDE applications again 
(other than removing my QtCurve customizations to make KDE applications use 
the oxygen-like style, of course :) )


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