OT: Thunderbird Folder refresh needed

Klaus Vink Slott list-s at vink-slott.dk
Sun Oct 21 16:07:38 BST 2012

I know we are getting off topic here, but just to close this subject.

On 2012-10-18 08:00, Martin (KDE) answered me:
>> Thunderbird insists on downloading all mail from the IMAP or else you cant
>> >monitor other than inbox for new mail. As I use serverside filters to sort
>> >incoming mail there is a risk of not noticing new mail....
> Hu, no. You can monitor all folders and use server side filtering and do
> not download all mails to a local store with thunderbird.

What..?? ..I see that now. Has that always been there?  I remember
searching for this feature sometime ago. Then I thought that was what
"Subscribe" was for, but subscription made no difference.

Anyway TB still seems to do a complete download of the entire folder
first time you connect. Might be some in MUA spam checker or whatever.

> You have to
> enable the check for every folder you want to watch (in preference
> dialogue of the folder). At least I use it all the time (since I moved
> from kmail to t-bird).
That was quite some work, I have many filters and folders. But now I
have it working. (Had to leave Kmail again: After a week it stopped
showing the message content in some folders. The message preview just
stay blank - even after a logout/login)

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