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Wed Oct 17 22:22:00 BST 2012

On 15. October 2012 03:31:05 Duncan wrote:
> Klaus Slott posted on Sun, 14 Oct 2012 19:17:06 +0200 as excerpted:

> > logging in again I was now able to make Kmail work

> New kmail (aka kmail2) is akonadified (using akonadi as the backend),
> now, and many people (including me) found the new version considerably
> less stable than the old, losing mail, etc.  Luckily you have IMAP,
> storing mail on the server, so it should be harder to lose than with
> POP3's all local mail.
I know. When Kmail2 was rolled out as default in OpenSUSE I changed to use 
Thunderbird.I have always had my email on IMAP (have 1.5Gbytes of archives 
going back to 2001) so I was just a annoyance. 

> Meanwhile, I don't know what mail app you used with xfce, but you can
> probably still use that with kde if you wish. 
When all the KDE 4 series problems started to hit me changed to use 
Thunderbird for mail and  Firefox for accessing the net. Most other work was 
in a handfull of command line windows and I dont really use any of that widget 
stuff. So I found that I did not loose much by leaving KDE. 
But I really missed the "KDE feeling" and Kmails ability to monitor all 
folders for new mail. Now I hope KDE/Kmail have stabilized enough to not break 
my productivity.

> Other alternatives include
> Mozilla's thunderbird, claws-mail (which I switched to and am very happy
> with), evolution, balsa, sylpheed, etc, plus the text-based apps such as
> mutt and alpine.  
Thunderbird insists on downloading all mail from the IMAP or else you cant 
monitor other than inbox for new mail. As I use serverside filters to sort 
incoming mail there is a risk of not noticing new mail. Apart from Roundcube 
webmail I have not tried any other clients, but for now (day 4) KMail2 have 
had no functional problems yet :-)

> one of the newer IMAP-only
> alternatives, trojita, is qt-based, and thus should still integrate quite
> well with kde's look and feel.  It actually looks very interesting,
> enough that I'd have surely tried it if I had IMAP.
Haven’t heard of that one but it does indeed look very interesting! At the 
moment there is no package for my old OpenSUSE version. So it will have to 
wait for a platform upgrade.

Thank you for your comments.

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