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Wed Oct 17 12:29:37 BST 2012

Kevin Krammer posted on Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:35:31 +0200 as excerpted:

> That wasn't what I intended to convey. My point was that there are two
> versions of KMail. A new one based on components that allow alternative
> user interfaces for different types of workflows and the traditional
> one.
> The latter is as stable as it has always been, perfectyl suited for
> people with loads of email. It is, if I remember correctly, even
> available as a company maintained [1] Enterprise build.

The traditional one is still being maintained?  News to me!  It it still 
being updated to be compatible with current kde?  I had thought that was 
part of the old kdepim 4.4 series and that it phased out and was 
unsupported as of kde 4.8.

Other than the lower kde integration (and it's gtk2-based so it does at 
least take kde colors, a BIG thing here as I'm a strong light-on-dark aka 
"reverse" color-scheme guy). I'm actually happier with claws-mail now, 
personally, but had I known the pre-akonadi kmail was continuing support 
I'd have possibly switched to it and saved myself the conversion issues 
of switching to claws-mail.

Meanwhile, links?  There's a fair chance there's still folks running into 
this issue, and having a place to point them would be nice.  Plus there's 
always the chance claws-mail will jump the shark and I'll be looking for 
something else, tho with its deliberate emphasis on direct filesystem 
access and script extensibility it's unlikely.  But having a pre-akonadi 
kmail as a backup mail option would still be useful.

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