Lost desktop Was: Folder refresh needed

Klaus Slott list-s at vink-slott.dk
Tue Oct 16 14:48:29 BST 2012

On 16. October 2012 15:10:39 Mirko K. wrote:
> On 16.10.2012 13:14, Klaus Slott wrote:
> > I just created a new folder and another soft link pointing to this. Then I
> > made 2 "Folder View" widgets showing the content of these. Moving a file
> > to
> > this folder - it shows up immediately in both view.
> > 
> > So my initial conclusion was obviously wrong. Looking closer at my "fix" I
> > see that all Icons is now also displaying a ".desktop" in the name.
> Indeed, that happens here too when I choose Select Folder. Still,
> drag'n'drop seems to work fine.

Oh yes. I may forgot to mention: After I did the initial mistake to change 
setting "Show Desktop" to "Select Folder" the problem with missing update  
solved itself. 

> > I guess there is some setting somewhere in KDE which tells which folder to
> > use as Desktop. But I cant find it.
> That's in System Settings -> Account Details -> Paths which writes
> to ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and then probably calls
> xdg-user-dirs-update.

Thank you! That solved it - now I have a fully functional desktop including 
detection of new items. 
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