Lost desktop Was: Folder refresh needed

Mirko K. mirkok.lists at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 16 14:10:39 BST 2012

On 16.10.2012 13:14, Klaus Slott wrote:

> I just created a new folder and another soft link pointing to this. Then I
> made 2 "Folder View" widgets showing the content of these. Moving a file to
> this folder - it shows up immediately in both view.
> So my initial conclusion was obviously wrong. Looking closer at my "fix" I see
> that all Icons is now also displaying a ".desktop" in the name.

Indeed, that happens here too when I choose Select Folder. Still, 
drag'n'drop seems to work fine.

> When I messed around with the Folder View I changed the view from "Vis
> Desktop-mappen/Show desktop" to "Angiv en mappe/Select folder". Notice the
> partial translation witch add to my confusion. By comparing with a user with a
> working Desktop I found that on a Danish version defaults to a folder called
> "Skrivebord".

Show Desktop should be the right choice for your desktop folder 
"Skrivebord", provided it's correctly set as the desktop folder. See 

> Armed with this knowledge I logged out, moved both Desktop and Skrivebord out
> of the way and logged in again hoping this would trigger a rebuild. But no.
> Then I created a folder called ~/Skrivebord and placed a Folder View Widget on
> my Desktop, but KDE does not accept this new folder as "the Desktop" and shows
> the content of my ~/
> If I change settings for this Folder View to "Angiv en mappe/Select folder"
> and points it to ~/Skrivebord then the content of this folder is shown, but
> names of Icons still includes .desktop.
> I guess there is some setting somewhere in KDE which tells which folder to use
> as Desktop. But I cant find it.

That's in System Settings -> Account Details -> Paths which writes 
to ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and then probably calls

Just some idea, but you might want to check if you've setup some 
filters for the folderview. That can also look like as if the 
folderview does not update.


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